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A/N: Wow. Totally forgot to update this from eight months ago. Anyway...

Chapter Four: Once in a Blue Moon

I locked the door behind me before I headed back out into the cold night. Each trip back and forth between my house and the Hitmonshop seemed longer and colder than the last. Finally, I made it to the little coffee shop. The lights were still on, and everyone was still inside. I entered, seeing everyone in the room in a dull, run-down state. I only figured it was because it was late. I walked into the room as Girard finally saw me, and jumped up from his stool at the counter across the room. His Hitmonchan next to him jumped in surprise.

“Okay, since Dakota’s back, everyone, why don’t we go to my place? It would be wise for everyone to be together in a time like this,” Girard proposed to everyone. Alex stretched in his seat, yawning a wide yawn. I suddenly felt the urge to yawn, but managed to hold it back. Unlike everyone in the room, Mew circled my head energetically, annoying both Sentret and me.

“That’s a good idea,” Sarah said as she stood up from the booth.

“At least the main threat, Adam, is gone,” Cenard said coolly with his eyes closed. He remained in his seat. At those words, I remembered what happened when I called my mother. I opened my mouth to say something.

“Well, let’s go. I’m beat, especially since all of the training I’ve been doing,” Alex blurted out, standing and stretching. Again, he yawned. This time, though, I couldn’t resist the urge to yawn, which disrupted what I wanted to say.

“Good, then it’s settled. We’ll get going. Everyone, follow me, and stick close,” Girard said, opening the door to let everyone out. I totally forgot to mention that Adam wasn’t dead from the explosion earlier, as the intense fatigue was kicking in. Girard locked and closed the door to the Hitmonshop after we all exited. He ran to the front of us, and led us down the road quite a ways. After walking a while, I could feel my nose becoming cold. As we walked, the perturbing silence dominated, making it a bit awkward. Even though I never said it, I think everyone knew Adam was still out there.

At that moment, I looked up to the sky. It was abnormally black, and the moon seemed almost a bluish tint. . . and then, I noticed the silhouette of someone against the moon on top of a building. I jumped, causing a bit of a commotion in the group.

“What’s that!?” I shouted, pointing to the top of the building. Everyone else looked up in the direction I pointed. It was silent for a moment.

“I see a moon,” Alex said suddenly, breaking the silence. He shrugged.

“Maybe you’re getting overtired,” Cenard mentioned, and we continued on our way to Girard’s place. I agreed with him; I had been up for over eighteen hours, ever since I got up for school today – er, yesterday, that is.

Finally, we made it to Girard’s. It was part of an apartment complex, and it was on the second and last story of the building. When Girard let us in, I could smell an unappealing scent of some kind of food.

“Dude, it smells awesome in here!” Alex shouted. Apparently, we had totally different opinions.

We all found places to sleep after finally arriving. I had the couch, and Alex was on the floor next to the couch. After some complaining about being the only one on the floor (everyone else had either a bed or a cot), he was passed out and sleeping. Mew and Sentret were cuddled together in a recliner.

It wasn’t long before I fell asleep, and morning came just as quickly. I sat upward, finding myself the only one in the room. I slowly got up, feeling very groggy, and walked into the kitchen figuring that’s where everyone was. Still, there was no one. After looking at the clock which read “1:50,” I walked back into the room where I slept, seeing that only Sentret and Mew remained. Suddenly, I felt very dizzy, and I fell to the couch all light headed. My vision faded black. . .

I heard a deep voice boom in my head, “Dakota.” In my mind, all I could see was a canvas of black, with a single, bright-blue object glowing, as if I were seeing a psychic vision. I was paralyzed, unable to move. So, I focused on the glowing orb, putting all of my attention on it. I could see the faint shape of a sharp eye looking down upon me from it. Then, I saw one of my own memories. I saw a commotion going on in a dead-end alleyway. Then, a tall, scary purple Pokemon with a long, slender tail turned to me, as its sharp eyes lit up a bright blue. It had this humanoid appearance about it, seeing as how I thought it was a person at first glance. It waved its three fingers in the air, creating a bright flash, and vanishing before my eyes. I could only assume that it was somehow connected to Mew based on how it looked. It vanished, and I could see Sentret laying on the trash can lids.

Then, my vision returned. I found myself lying on the couch in an awkward position from after I fell. I slowly staggered to my feet, and thought about what happened just now. Seeing that tall, purple Pokemon, I started to think that this was somehow related to it.

“You are correct,” the same voice boomed in my head. I recoiled, unsure of where it was coming from.

“I am. . . correct?” I said to myself. Then, I realized that I was being contacted by the purple Pokemon in my vision, perhaps the same way Mew sent me the old memories of our first interaction.

“Yes. I am the Pokemon you saw in those visions. I have a request for you,” the voice in my head boomed. At this point, Mew and Sentret were starting to wake up.

“W-what is it?” I asked out loud. I could be honest at this point – I was getting kinda scared.

“I want you to forget about what happened in that alleyway that day,” the voice said.

“What?” I asked.

“When you saw me in that alleyway, I could tell you thought that I hurt Sentret. I was nursing it back to health, similar to the way you were nursing Mew back to health,” the voice explained. I nodded, unknowing if the Pokemon could see me.

“Your friends may not be safe, and I’m worried about,” the voice said. “I want you to leave this place, and go to the alleyway where we first met,” the voice said.

“Why!?” I asked. There was no answer in my head. I looked down to Sentret and Mew, who were looking strangely back at me. I had no choice.

With Sentret on my shoulder and Mew floating close behind me, I arrived on foot to the alleyway. It must’ve taken quite a while, as it was starting to become evening.

I rounded the last corner in the alley, seeing nothing but a few trash cans at the dead end of the road. Suddenly, an object materialized right before my eyes, turning into the slender, humanoid purple Pokemon that I saw those many years ago. We stood across from each other silently, until Mew floated curiously up to the Pokemon.

“My name. . . is Mewtwo,” the voice boomed in my head again. I looked into Mewtwo’s eyes, and it looked into mine. “I am a clone of Mew, who is considered to be the ancestor of all Pokemon. It’s powers perhaps surpass even mine,” Mewtwo said in my mind. I looked at Mew, who played gleefully with Mewtwo’s tail as it flicked.

“So what do you want me for?” I asked in an short tone. Mewtwo looked to the sky.

“I want your help to defeat Adam of Skiolet City,” Mewtwo said. I didn’t budge from my spot.

“I tried once, but I couldn’t do it. I almost got killed doing it,” I explained.

“I will protect you at all costs if you help me. You know very well that he is putting the world in danger. Just look at what he created, the Betamue. If that is just a prototype, then imagine what he can do with his powers,” Mewtwo explained. I guess I really didn’t have a choice, as I wasn’t exactly on Adam’s VIP list.

“Fine. But, this isn’t for you,” I complied. Mewtwo nodded, understanding me.

“I want to tell you something. I know how you feel, leaving a very beautiful place like Kanto. I was originally created in Kanto by scientists, but I could stay there no longer,” Mewtwo explained. I looked down to my feet.

“Let’s just go,” I said. Mewtwo nodded. I could suddenly feel my feet leave the ground and Sentret gripping my shoulder in fear. Looking over to Mewtwo, I figured he was deploying his psychic powers to transport us to wherever he had in mind. Quickly, we dashed through the air, arriving at the office building I had entered town in the previous day. We landed softly on the ground and Mewtwo pointed its three-fingered hands at the door. Instantly, the doors were ripped off of the face of the building, and thrown out into the street effortlessly. Perhaps Mewtwo was just showing off, but that demonstrated some serious power, only matched by two Pokemon I had ever seen before. . .

Mewtwo quickly dashed into the building and Mew followed him. I looked to Sentret on my shoulder, who looked skeptically at me. I shrugged and walked into the office building casually, seeing that the building was completely empty, unlike yesterday. I saw Mewtwo, who motioned to me from the other end of the hallway to follow him. I did.

“We’re going up to Adam to end this. Are you ready?” Mewtwo said, again in my mind.

“I want to save my friends,” I said hastily. It kind of felt weird to have a conversation with a Pokemon like this. Wordlessly, Mewtwo scaled the stairway of the hall labeled “150”. I followed him. Up we went, going further and further into the office building. I hadn’t realized that the building was so tall, as it took quite a while to get up the stairs. Finally, Mewtwo stopped in front of me at a door. I looked down the spiral staircase, seeing that we were up from the ground floor a great height. Mewtwo looked at me, signaling that we were going to enter. Mewtwo employed its psychic powers on the door, bursting it open like he had done on the ground floor. We entered into a brightly lit, gigantic room.

What I saw next was almost impossible to explain. In this room, similar to the laboratory in the basement of the City Hall, was filled with computers and computer desks, and one large, green tank of fluid in the center of the room. Across from the room was a figure on the ground. This person was slumped unnaturally on the ground in a messy pile, with very messy hair and gray, lifeless skin. This person’s skin, hair, and clothing were torched, as if they had been in a fire. After a few moments, I recognized this person to be Adam. Suddenly, Adam twitched and looked messily up to us.

“Wh-Who’s there?” the person muttered with a hint of desperation. Slowly, he stood to his feet after a few failed attempts, and squinted at us with his ugly, disgusting body. Something was obviously wrong here.

“I’m here to put an end to your madness,” I heard Mewtwo say.

“What do you have against me?” Adam shouted defensively. I don’t think he realized Mewtwo wasn’t a person. . . which is kind of hard to do.

“I have watched you since you’ve become mayor of this city. You were obsessed with cloning Mew, which you’ve heard was the strongest Pokemon of all. However, I have witnessed first hand that cloning a Pokemon is a terrible mistake. If it weren’t for a slight issue in my creator’s science, I might’ve ended up like the Pokemon you are trying to create – a mindless drone used for nothing but destruction,” Mewtwo scowled angrily. Adam simply laughed.

“You don’t understand, you’re to late! The Pokemon I’ve created is feeding off of its hosts right as we speak. Look at me; this is only a side effect of how strong my Pokemon is!” Adam shouted hysterically. I didn’t know what he was talking about, but I figured he was talking about Alex and the others.

“What did you do with them!?” I shouted. Adam looked over to me.

“Huh? Oh, I rem-em-ember you,” Adam said weakly, stuttering. He fell to his knees. “You were th-that little girl who screwed with my plans last time. Well, I’ll have you know that even if my Pokemon isn’t done feeding on your friends, it’s still enough to kill that damned Mew of yours,” Adam said. I couldn’t help but feel somewhat disgusted. Feeding on my friends?

Suddenly, Adam stood up, and pressed a key on the computer near him. Suddenly, the wall on the other side of the room lifted into the ceiling, revealing another room. Emerging from the room was a gigantic, purple Pokemon. It looked very similar to the Betamue, having such deformed body parts. As it walked toward us on all fours, the tentacles on either side of its body swayed disgustingly. The tentacles hanging from the bottom of its face twitched. I could swear I saw blood dropping from them.

The Pokemon looked at us with the five beady eyes on the right side of its face. Adam laughed hysterically.

“Remember my Betamue!? Say hello to the finished version. . . the ultimate Pokemon, Alphamue!” Adam shouted. “Alphamue, give them a taste of your Power Whip!”

Unlike the Betamue before, the Alphamue didn’t hesitate when it heard Adam’s command. The thing swung a single tentacle at a blinding speed toward me, causing me to flinch. I heard a bang after I recoiled. I looked up to see Mewtwo emitting a bluish-colored orb of energy around Mew, Sentret, and I.

“You must go through me, first!” Mewtwo shouted, lighting up a bright blue. Likewise, the Alphamue lit up a bright blue. The Alphamue was lifted into the air a bit, then sent flying backward. However, it stopped before hitting the wall.

“Hahaha! You think Psychic can do anything against my Alphamue!? Now, use your Psycho Boost!” Adam commanded. The Alphamue, still hovering from Mewtwo’s psychic lowered itself to the ground. The tentacles on its body struck the ground, anchoring the Alphamue to the ground. It started to tremble, then shake violently in convulsions. It lit up a blinding, bright purple color. Suddenly, a wave of barely-visible energy struck Mewtwo, causing a small, dense explosion. I could see Mewtwo conjure the blue dome for protection, but I heard a sickening crack in the process. When the smoke cleared, I saw the shattered remains of Mewtwo’s shell, and Mewtwo was kneeling on the ground with fatigue.

I realized that the glowing, blue orb that Mewtwo conjured was the same color as the blue shine I saw during the explosion at the town hall. It must’ve been Mewtwo that saved us then.

“Your little Barrier Attack won’t do anything to me!” Adam shouted. Mewtwo looked at Mew, and Mew nodded.

“That may be the case, but you can’t win against both Mew and I, can you?” Mewtwo shouted. Suddenly, the Alphamue was engulfed by the same, blue energy. Mewtwo stood up, and also began to light up blue. I then realized that both Mew and Mewtwo were using Psychic on the Alphamue. Suddenly, the Alphamue was ripped out of the ground, and sent flying at the wall with an incredible speed. It smashed into the wall, blasting a hole in it. I heard a deafening crash a few seconds later as the Alphamue hit the ground.

“NO!” I heard Adam shriek. He ran at Mewtwo, attempting to claw at him, but Mewtwo simply pushed him to the ground.

“Putting others in harm’s way to artificially create a Pokemon. . . you’re despicable,” Mewtwo scolded. Suddenly, Mewtwo’s words reminded me of Alex. I rushed into the room that the Alphamue had emerged from, seeing a small cage about the size of a small room. Inside were the unconscious bodies of Alex and the others.

Before I could do much else, I heard a heart-stopping explosion. Smoke poured into the room, and my ears and eyes were completely disabled. I couldn’t do anything but hunker down from the force of the explosion.

When it was all quiet, I slowly stood up, coughing a bit. I saw that the steel door had been closed, and Adam was standing in front of the door.

“Oh, dear, it seemed my Alphamue was still off quite a bit. I don’t understand! But, it seemed that your Mew and other friend were unable to withstand the force of my Alphamue’s instability. That’s just too bad, they didn’t realize it sneaking up behind them,” Adam said angrily. He held out two Pokeballs, aiming them at me. In a bright flash, he sent out two Pokemon. The first was his Toxicroak, and the other was a different Pokemon. It looked a bit like his Dusclops, but it was larger, had no feet, and had a face on its stomach. The mouth on its stomach opened up wide, and then closed again as the Pokemon scanned the area with its large, single red eye.

“Wh-what are you doing!?” I shouted. I knew already that he was challenging me.

“I’ve been training my Pokemon since we last met. And, in the past day, I was able to evolve some of them, too. If you have Pokemon, I would like to make sure they die before you, ensuring you are completely out of the way,” Adam said, staring me down. I had no choice; I sent out my Tangela and Chatot.

“Dusknoir, Shadow Punch! Toxicroak, Sucker Punch!” Adam shouted. Dusknoir instantly vanished, as did Toxicroak.

“Tangela, Chatot, watch out – “ I started to say. But, out of nowhere, Dusknoir appeared in front of Tangela, and Toxicroak in front of Chatot. The two Pokemon punched their targets. Chatot was especially harmed, and unable to take the force of the punch. I had to recall it.

“You did good, Chatot. Looks like it’s just you, now, Tangela!” I shouted. “Now, use Vine Whip!” I shouted. Tangela nodded, and sent a vine quickly at Dusknoir. The vine quickly struck the Dusknoir, but with little effect other than a little damage.

“Is that all you have, girl?” Adam taunted. “Toxicroak, finish that thing off with a Poison Jab!” Adam shouted. Toxicroak ran toward Tangela, jumping forward, smashing a glowing, spiked fist into Tangela’s face. Tangela rolled onto its back, obviously feeling that attack quite a bit. I recalled Tangela into its Pokeball.

“So, that’s all you have?” Adam laughed. I could’ve battled him with my Sentret, but I realized that Sentret was no match for his Pokemon. I was beginning to lose all hope.

“It doesn’t matter!” I shouted. I could feel my voice shaking in a mixture of rage, adrenaline, and immense sadness.

“Excuse me?” Adam said with a sarcastic-looking smile.

“Your stupid Alphamue failed. It can’t come back, so you lost!” I shouted. Adam simply laughed, and recalled his Dusknoir into its Pokeball, as if he claimed victory.

“I only lose if I cannot continue to create the ultimate Pokemon! There’s no one stopping me from creating another Alphamue once you’re out of the way. You’ve already lost, my friend! Now, all that’s left is to kill you! It’s been a fun run, but I guess I must!” Adam shouted. Without command, Toxicroak understood him. With another Poison Jab, it leapt at me. I didn’t see it coming, but out of nowhere, Sentret jumped off of my shoulder, intercepting the attack from Toxicroak. The Poison Jab struck Sentret, puncturing its skin. Sentret flopped messily to the floor with no sounds.

“Sentret!” I shouted. I ran over to the Toxicroak, which was standing over Sentret with a satisfied smile. When I got to it, I couldn’t think. I just pulled my foot back, and kicked the Toxicroak as hard as I could. I could feel the tears fly off of my face when my foot made contact. Toxicroak roared in pain as it stumbled backward. I knelt down to Sentret, and picked it up, feeling a bit of the blood run down my arm.

“So, you – “ Adam started to say, but the door behind him bursted open. Adam turned around, seeing Mewtwo emerge from the veil of smoke that the explosion caused. Though weary looking, Mewtwo seemed plenty strong, still.

“You! Well, it seems my Toxicroak is no good, now! I’ll just use my Dusknoir, it’s sure to kill you off!” Adam said desperately. He recalled Toxicroak to its Pokeball, and started to reach for a different Pokeball. I could see the rage building in Mewtwo’s eyes. Through my tears, I watched Mewtwo simply launch Adam through the roof with such incredible force that I flinched. Parts of the ceiling smashed down on the ground as Mewtwo flew up through the hole, following Adam. I looked down to Sentret, who stirred a bit, and looked at me. I couldn’t help but cry.

“Sentret, it’ll be okay,” said. Suddenly, from the doorway, Mew emerged slowly. It looked harmed, but still had its happy expression on. I had to wonder what it took to upset Mew. Mew lowered its body next to Sentret’s and began to glow. Likewise, Sentret began to glow. Instantly, the wound in Sentret’s stomach formed together, healing it. I stood up, and looked at Mew. Mew gave me a happy look before applying its psychic powers on the cage next to me. The cage opened up, allowing me to enter. I ran in, and knelt next to Alex, lifting his head. To my pleasure, he opened his eyes.

“Thank God you’re okay!” I shouted. Alex forced a chuckle.

“I watched your battle. You need some training,” Alex said jokingly. I dropped his head to the ground.

“Okay, get up yourself!” I shouted angrily at him. He laughed, rubbing the back of his head while getting up.

“Ow! Hey, I guess you’re still your usual self!” Alex chuckled. He helped me get everyone up, eventually getting Girard and Cenard conscious.

“Okay, help me with Sarah,” I said. No one moved. I could feel my stomach turn over.

“That’s not happening,” Cenard said monotonously. I looked at him in puzzlement.

“What do you mean?” I asked. Girard stepped forward.

“Sarah allowed herself to be the host to that horrible creature before you arrived. It was when you started to battle that thing when its psychic powers rendered us unconscious, but when that thing fed on Sarah, it. . . it. . .” Girard explained, hesitating to finish the sentence.

“It killed her,” Cenard finished bluntly.

“But why did she do that?” I asked.

“She said – “ Girard started.

“She said that it was her atonement for accidentally helping Adam,” Cenard interrupted. I looked down at Sarah, who didn’t move; she didn’t even breathe. I looked to my feet, unable to say anything. I noticed that Sentret was pretty sad too.

“Wait, Mew, can’t you restore her, too?” I asked suddenly, looking up to Mew. Mew’s levitating body lowered sadly. I understood that it was probably too late. At that moment, there was a deafening crashing sound. I flinched, and ran out of the cage, with Girard and Alex after me. Cenard stayed back in the cage, unable to bear the sadness of losing Sarah.

When we exited the cage, there was a bright, blue light emitting from the hole in the ceiling. Mew lit up abruptly, lifting me into the air. Alex and Girard were left on the ground.

“Hey, wait, what the heck?” Alex shouted in surprise as I floated away from him.

I exited the building, coming out onto the roof. The sky was completely black, surprising me as to the time of day. A gust of wind blew across the ceiling, creating the sense of something major happening. Finally, my eyesight adjusted to see Mewtwo standing across the rooftop from Adam.

“Why wasn’t I able to defeat you with Alphamue? You can’t truly be that powerful? What Pokemon are you?” Adam shouted.

“I am Mewtwo. Your projects failed because the DNA you thought you found was mine, not Mew’s. You tried to make a clone of a clone,” Mewtwo explained.

“Mewtwo. . . I’ve heard about you. . . you’re that faker that I’ve been looking for!” Adam yelled. He shifted in his once-fancy clothing that was torn and dirty. He scratched his now-messy hair nervously.

“Faker?” Mewtwo’s incredibly deep voice boomed. Mewtwo stood tall over Adam on the rooftop across from the him, flicking its long, slender tail amusingly. It smirked evilly, narrowing its eyes on Adam.

“You’re going to die by my hands!” Adam announced, tossing three Pokeballs into the air in a mixture of rage and desperation. In a series of three flashes stood three Pokemon. One was a large, dinosaur-like Pokemon with a rock-solid body, a Rhydon. It roared, spinning the drill on its face. The next was a small, purple frog-like Pokemon with an agile build, the Toxicroak. The last Pokemon was his Dusknoir.

The Rhydon, Toxicroak, and Dusknoir stood across the rooftop from Mewtwo. The wind blew over the clearing between them in the night sky. The city, which was usually bright and glowing at night, was dead and midnight-dark. Without command, the three Pokemon dashed at the purple creature. Without even moving, Mewtwo’s eyes lit up a bright blue. At that instant, the Rhydon was lifted into the air, and crashed down on the rooftop with its incredible weight, falling completely through the roof down into the skyscraper, followed by a series of crashes as it fell through each floor. In the next instant, the Toxicroak dashed at Mewtwo, lunging its spiked forearms toward it. The Toxicroak, inches away from Mewtwo, crashed into an invisible force, which lit up as an orb around Mewtwo, deflecting the Toxicroak away. As the Toxicroak was flying backward, Mewtwo formed a blade of its own psychic power in its hands, and slashed at the Toxicroak, slamming it into the rooftop, and permanently downing it.

Suddenly, from a veil of shadow behind Mewtwo, the Dusknoir’s arms reached and held Mewtwo’s arms behind its back.

“You still don’t understand. You’ve studied my powers, and yet, you still think you can defeat me with tactics like these?” Mewtwo said tonelessly. Adam’s eyes widened with fear and desperation.

“D-Dusknoir, kill that slimy thing!” he shouted. The Dusknoir didn’t move to Adam’s command, however. It just floated there, holding Mewtwo’s hands behind its back. Suddenly, the Dusknoir let go of Mewtwo, and fell limp to the rooftop.

“I think you’re the faker, here!” Mewtwo’s voice boomed again. Mewtwo lit up entirely, causing Adam’s body to hit the ground, as if gravity had intensified a hundredfold. Adam was shrieking in pain, with the sound of his lungs gasping for air as they were becoming crushed underneath the extreme pressure. I couldn’t watch the occurrence, as the sounds of Adam’s compressing body was disgusting me. Finally, Mewtwo ceased. Mewtwo floated over to Adam’s expectedly-lifeless body, eying it with immense rage.

“What are you going to do with him?” I asked. Mewtwo glared at me evilly, but lightened up after seeing that it was me.

“I’m taking his body back to a place I know near Kanto, and putting it into the flames of Mount Ember. It’s too bad that a man with such potential as him was bent on destruction. I will properly dispose of him in the volcano,” Mewtwo explained. Suddenly, he fell to the ground in a kneeling position.

“Are you okay?” I asked abruptly.

“I. . . I will be. I’ve used up an extreme amount of my psychic energy. After a few days, I. . . I should be fine,” Mewtwo explained to me. I realized that even though he was made to be the strongest Pokemon, even he had some design flaws. No one was perfect.

Mew let me down onto the rooftop, and circled around Mewtwo playfully. I approached Mewtwo and helped him up.

“Thank you for your help,” Mewtwo said exhaustedly.

“No, you were the one who helped this city,” I replied, “thank you.” Mewtwo nodded, understanding my point. He allowed himself out of my helping grip, and walked to the edge of the building, turning to look at me when he did so.

“What will you do after this? Where will you go?” Mewtwo asked. I looked up to the sky.

“Well, when all of this crap is sorted out, I guess school will start back up, and I’ll be stuck doing that for the time being. After that. . . I’m not entirely sure. What about you?” I asked. Mewtwo imitated me, and looked to the sky.

“After I dispose of Adam’s body, I will return to my home region of Kanto. I suppose I will remain there, helping out others as I have helped you,” Mewtwo explained. He looked over to me.

“Farewell,” Mewtwo said.

“Good bye, Mewtwo,” I said. Mewtwo floated up into the sky, holding Adam’s body. He flew off at a high speed, disappearing out of my vision as he flew toward the moon. Slowly, Mew hovered up the same way. I looked happily at Mew.

“Good bye, Mew,” I said. I couldn’t help but feel that this was going to be the last time I would see Mew.

“Mew!” Mew shouted.

“Sentret!” Sentret shouted in reply. I understood that they were good friends with an extensive history. I was glad for Sentret, but in a way, like me, Sentret was never going to see Mew again. Mew then flew off after Mewtwo, but I knew they would part way

‘Returning to my home region of Kanto’, huh? It sounded like a pretty good idea.

A few days after this whole thing, I went to visit Cenard. I knew he had it rough after losing Sarah. I figured I could find him in the library.

“Thanks for coming to see me, but I just haven’t been myself lately,” Cenard said monotonously. I playfully pushed his shoulder.

“Oh, come on. Why don’t you get out of the library a bit? What, do you live here or something?” I said rhetorically. Sentret squeaked in after me, “Sentret”.

“I know, it’s just that. . . Sarah’s funeral is in a few days. I can’t bear to remember that evil thing stabbing her, and just sucking out all of her blood. . .” Cenard said, shivering from the memories.

“I know, it must be tough,” I said.

After a few silent moments, Cenard looked up to me. “But, you did make me feel better by coming to visit me. Why don’t you get outside. It’s not fair for my sulking to start affecting you, too,” Cenard said. I nodded, and walked outside, where Alex was waiting for me. We started to walk back toward my house.

“Hey, you never did do that assignment, huh? You know Mrs. Elmore is going to want it done, even though we had those days off, right?” Alex said. I looked at him.

“Don’t we still have a Brawl match to settle?” I suggested suddenly, changing the subject.

“Of course! You’re on!!” Alex shouted. Of course, anything gets his mind off of schoolwork. We started to run back to my house, down the road. It felt nice to have the town full of people and normal traffic once again.

I was still angry over losing my bicycle.
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