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Originally Posted by jabberjabber8 View Post
I know this thread is not for reviewing tiles but let me start by saying they look great, I especially like the stairs (might use something like that in my hack). My main criticism of the actual map is its to well made. I think you have designed this map well to show off your new tiles but it just does not feel like a forest its not quite random enough (e.g. there is a solid border of tree's down the right side and most of the top and bottom)

My map:
This was the second map I ever made (I think) but I never got round to replacing it... so I just fine tuned it a lot, so do you think its acceptable to go in a hack..?
The building on the left is a Rumble rock (evil team) headquarters witch replace all the gyms in the game, aside from the one in pewter where you first meet your ally brock.
Yes i knw there is a HUGE tile error on the left centre building I need the tiles inserted before i can fix it
its not a bad map a few errors houses need fixing but its not that bad ja the roads need a bit of revamping but i dont think its too bad =)

ohk now my map it is one of my firsts its a route hack name: none a test map
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