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If you're having issues with status, you could try Aromatherapy Blissey/Chansey, perhaps? Especially if you follow Karp's suggestion of giving Latias Wish, you'll open up a moveslot (Wish/Protect >> Softboiled/Aromatherapy).

Quote originally posted by Karpman:
I'm not sure exactly what the use for disable is, Gengar seems better off with Taunt.
Not that it matters since Gengar was replaced, but Gengar runs Disable so it can get free subs on Pokemon like Conkeldurr who rely on Normal/Fighting/Ground attacks + 1 other move for coverage. It gets in on one of its immunities & subs up while they break the sub with their coverage move, then Disables it so Gengar essentially gets a free Sub and can smack something hard with its Ghost/Fighting coverage. Basically, it grants Gengar tons of opportunities to get up Subs which it loves.
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