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Quote originally posted by smile!:
I would, if he met the real Unohana which is unlikely
Something I just realised... I don't know if you can see half of the sign in the background, but she was in the yaoi section. I'll leave you with that thought.

Quote originally posted by Charizard★:
What's everyone else favorite arc?
Hm... I couldn't say which is my "favourite" arc. I might go with on of the Hueco Mundo arcs, though (there are 2, right? One before, and one after the filler).
Quote originally posted by minchan:
But in completely separate news, I baked cookies. =D
Quote originally posted by smile!:
I quite like the Zanpakto rebellion arc, but BEFORE Koga was introduced. After we found out that Muramasa is actually doing all these to free Koga, it started to go downhill. (I seriously had expected to see Unohana vs Minazuki). But after the main series ended and the Toju individual episodes started, the whole arc just went from bad to horrible.
My thoughts exactly.
Quote originally posted by RASENCERO:
We have indeed. Renji was the best. Yours wasn't all that bad, but the mask would have finished it.

Eyeshadow? lol What did your sister dress up like?

If the captain commander would ever need to be replaced, I think Unohana is the most capable.
Yeah, you're right, the only problem was that a mask was too expensive, and I had no way of making it within a month.

A shinigami academy student. No pics :p

Yeah, Unohana. Maybe Shunsui, because he would know to get serious.
Quote originally posted by Charizard★:
Wasn't the old Zaraki (not trying to be racist) dark skinned?
Yes, yes he was (his name isn't Zaraki, it's Kenpachi Kiganjou).
And you aren't being racist unless you're being offensive. If there was nothing offensive said, then you aren't being racist.
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