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For Firered:
Ok, i'm totally onboard with this idea. I too was also researching, and (thanks to JPAN and Interdepth) came up with a solution. The solution is quite simple, but the battle system is quite buggy. In fact, it involves setting a byte to the battle flag (thats the name I gave to it, in fact, its just an offset in ram, 02022B4B).

How? As soon as the wild battle music starts, BEFORE THE BLACK SCREEN, , set 02022B4C to 01. Continue to the battle. Voilà! Its a double wild battle.

There are some bugs,tough. The 2nd pokemon in the wild battle is a integral copy of the first one (all the data is the same), and so, if you defeat one of them, the battle ends, as the game just assumes that both of them were defeated because the HP data was the same for both (in theory, if you hit one, the other will suffer too). HOWEVER, if you load the 2nd pokemon in the 2nd battle slot, the battle is totally fine, without any bug except you can only capture on of them.



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