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Originally Posted by Charizard★ View Post
Wow, well that was a fail x.x
I overheard them talking about how Kubo might bring back the previous captains in a flash back or something? I doubted it because I had heard nothing about it, so I'm pretty sure they were just making it up. Can anyone verify this?
I'm pretty sure that's just rumours/speculation. Someone else should confirm, but I think the only thing we know is that we'll have a short arc and a long arc (did he say the order?), Bleach is halfway through, and he'll continue for another 10 years or so.

I think most people speculated that, after the Winter War, we'd have a short flashback arc that ties everything up (especially with the reintroduction of a certain shinigami, and his relationship with a certain Quincy, perhaps), which obviously didn't happen.

And of course, that group of previous captains, were only shown from the Masked character book 2 (the third should be coming out, I think, I remember seeing the cover in one of the scanlations). It's likely that Kubo will go to them and flesh them out EVENTUALLY.
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