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Quote originally posted by sonic1:
You want vba-link? Here:

You'll be also needing Hamachi to create a network. If you want, we could do it both, just send me your mail.
I'm trying it between two VBA-links running on my PC, but I cannot get it to synch. If I could force it with a code that could be made, and I got another SP and another wireless adapter, I could test it properly. In which timing isn't an issue.

Well, If you change the proceeding bytes, you can make it an Old Man battle! Offset 0x02022B4D. Change to 02.

Edit: DO NOT USE 03. It makes the old man battle, but items cannot be used. It displays that message, then resets the routine and the game keeps attempting to use the items slot, and loops. You would have to reset. FF does the same, but is hilarious.
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