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Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post

I Just found out why it pulls up a wild battle using Archie, but Sonic1 already most likely knows why. If you use the same thing while entering a trainer battle, it makes it a double trainer battle. Since it is trying to activate a Trainer battle in a Wild battle scenario, it pulls the first default trainer in the list, being that Archie. Since there is no default party set, it just sends out ??? Pokemon as it's placeholder and warrants 1 exp. per kill.
That is correct.
Jambo, mind telling us how you loaded the pokemon in the 2nd slot?
I mean, you surelly know that the first slot is in 202402c and the second in 202402c + 0x64.
The way i load into there is manually, using data from another pokemon of another battle, saving his data into a file and then loading it to the offset when battle is about to start.

Did you used a routine or manually loaded the data?



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