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Quote originally posted by Poeman:
Alright since in mamby pamby land we can't give criticism, and I can't talk about how much I LIKE the game, I have no choice but to not give feedback.

Can I be on the team? I have experience with networking, scripting, C#(I could make DLLs to further expand upon the game's features) Hell, I'm so qualified that if you don't take me it would only be out of vendetta, as you say yourself!
Well if you're honestly interested in helping out, you can PM me any proof of work. We would be using Ruby/RGSS, but if you could explain to me in the PM what exactly you'd like to do with C# then that'd help. If you're willing to work with the game, then I have no issue. Just not entirely sure what you could provide, so just delve a little further and that would be cool.


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