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Originally Posted by I like Pokemon (...) View Post
XD So does my sister.
I'm no expert at how anime is created though I enjoy making myself sound like it, considering the amount of frames he would have to draw for an entire, 20+ minute show, on top of the manga itself (and mangaka HAVE to have at least a few chapters that they haven't published yet, for when they can't write/draw).

That, and I know from DBZ's anime, Toriyama himself could not tell which Goku he drew, and which was drawn by one of the main animators (does that make sense?).
Wow. I thought Kubo had to draw the anime too. .___.

Yes, that does make sense. Well, I guess it's pretty easy to copy a person's drawings, despite the vast difference in the way different mangaka draw. Animators must be something.