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Quote originally posted by bbigman76:
This game looks amazing. i would like to say that i will do a lets play of this when the beta's come out. i will be keeping my eye on this thread. I just hope you finish it, unlike some hacks.
This isn't a hack. This game has no quality of a hack, because the graphics are way more than GBA, and that's a good thing I may add. Also Pokemon Raptor isn't a hack either, it's a fan-made game. As hacks are illegal, games don't face as much trouble as you'd think.

Quote originally posted by DemonBoy0W:
I'm looking for a game with pokemon from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald (Is that 3rd generation pokemon?) with a new storyline. I could go into more depth about what exactly I'm looking for but I'm not sure if this is the right place to post it.
I've found a section in "Emulation" called "Hacks Showcase and a section in "Game Development" called "Games Showcase". What's the difference and where should I look to find proper, finished, working games that I can play through?
Quote originally posted by Chibi-chan:
Game Development doesn't hack Pokemon Roms and make games out of them. They use actual programs such as RPG Maker or their own client.
If you're looking for Pokemon Rom hacks, see Emulation and Hack Showcase.

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