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I guess this comes with the fact that this is a Dark-monotype team and issues like this will happen but you are incredibly weak to Conkeldurr. There's not a whole lot you can do to check it while simultaneously running a Dark-type (because he beats out literally every Dark-type pretty much :/) but what you can do is try a Curse/Rest/Sleep Talk/STAB set on Spiritomb so Conkeldurr gets put on a timer. You could also try Extrasensory Zoroark, baiting it into using Payback (disguise as Spiritomb!) and smash it before it gets the opportunity to Mach Punch you (it won't since it'll think you're a Ghost-type).

Also, don't run DD Tyranitar. There's not much that it accomplishes compared to other DD users and it's much more effective as a bulky Mixed attacker, being able to absorb random special hits, etc. Plus, it gets smashed by EQ and Fighting-type moves, both of which are really common. And even at +1, it still misses out on quite a few Pokemon. :(