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Quote originally posted by Zeus2398:
Erm, Nash, you do realise that you can and have to fully evolve the pokemon. Its part of the rules, mate.

In other news, beat Whitney, OHKO'd Clefairy, and 2HKO'd Miltank, both wit Headbutt B)

Ringtail the Furret lv28 @Charcoal

Headbutt, Fire Punch, ThunderPunch, Ice Punch

Amazing moves, right? Never liked Furrets before, but now...

EDIT: Kobora, if its obtainable, then you will have to use Snubull I'm afraid... Unless you want to use your ONE Redraw!?
I'll use my redraw, but please make it something common. Plus, Snubbull is obtainable before Ecruteak City, so it's a long time without Snubbull so I could grind it up.
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