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Originally Posted by Angeldelivery View Post
Oh and you might think about changing the doors on snowy houses, because they seems a bit smaller then others.
Yeah that map is a little older so I still have to update the tileset a bit. But thanks for noticing and for your comments!


Three things really, some screenshots, a competition, some music, and some information on the first demo. Owait, that's 4. See, I've been working too much.

First off, some Screenshots from Aria City, the home of the gym leader Regan.

Just a note,
gym leaders will no longer be fought in gyms. Each leader will be in a place corresponding to their personality. You will no longer just be able to enter a gym and face the leader, you must go to their domain in which may lie near to the town, or very far away, just listen to the hints from the locals and think about the type of pokemon the leader wields and link that to certain places in the game.

Also a look at the current indoor tiles, I'm going to make some better ones, and change up the map a little.

This is the theme for the antagonists. I need to make it faster I know.

And lastly I wanted to talk about the first demo. Well I do intend on doing all I can to finish this game, and that is my set goal. Very few developers have ever done this. At any rate, we're hoping to release a demo this summer. Not putting a deadline on it, but that's what I aim for. I am more than half way there. And that's only because I have exams, and had school and little time. What needs to be done is one or two maps, then some indoors, a few sprites and a little eventing and scripting. So do you guys think I should release demos or simply wait for the finished product? I would be doing a demo for every 2nd leader battle. So 3 in total, then the finished game.

Now for the competition.

Competition #1 - Design a Support Banner

Want a chance to be in the first demo of Forever Lost as a trainer or have a cameo appearance? Want to see yourself in the game, sprited in your chosen description by me or my talented team? Then here's what you've gotta do!

Design a support banner, for the game, and the person with the best banner (chosen by me) will get their appearance. And be sure I'll put in you in the updates too before the release! Here's the rules and guidelines:

  • Must be related to Pokémon: Forever Lost only.
  • You may use sprites, screenshots or any art related to the game.
  • The size must be within 500x300
  • You have 1 week until the 10th of June.
All support banners will be put in the main thread anyway, unless you don't want them to be used. So good luck guys!