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Originally Posted by FreakyLocz14 View Post
As much as I'd hate to interject politics into this, I firmly believe that the right to bear arms would benefit the LGBT community because of bashing.
I'm confused doesn't to bear arms mean to have weapons?

Have you ever been "gay bashed" or know anybody that has? What tips would you give to others to avoid that or to defend yourself.
Not once have i ever gay bashed. i've always been like, whats the problem with gay people?
but i have friends who casually gay bash against me as a joke, sometimes they go a bit to far by calling me something like ******, which is where i draw the line, and i end up flipping out at them and give the whole speech about me calling them some sort of racial word.
I also know a few people who are all like 'ZOMG JESUS WASN'T GAY SO GAY IS WRONG HERP DERP' which is just stupid so i usually avoid them and let them go and play with all the other bigots who believe in all that bull.

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