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Originally Posted by Netto Azure View Post
I am wondering you're already into Judaism, why found Islam? But yeah that Napoleon likes to get some tributes from you huh, but yeah you got whipped the last time so nothing to complain there. Anyways keep building and the other civs busy.
Monetary reasons. I perform better economically with more religions under my control.

Now for a quick update.


Game 1 Update 24: A Whole Lot of Nothing


Let's build a monastery to spread our new religion more quickly so we have more than two cities with Islam.

You, freebie missionary, can go to Yaroslavl.

Another day, another Jewish missionary. We'll send you off to another city.

Build more cities!

Also gonna need to defend those new cities.

And let's get Islam into another city.

I'll send you somewhere... not sure where, though.

End Update 24. 42 turns to catch up.
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