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Originally Posted by (=Nemesis=) View Post
6) You make N inwardly conflicted. All his life he's been made to believe that Pokemon in captivity are miserable and wretched; so much so that he's ready to force everyone in Unova to release their Pokemon for their own benefit. Then he meets you, shortly after his exposure to The Real World. Before long he's become fascinated with you because to him, you represent the clearly impossible; a trainer of happy Pokemon. Throughout most of the game, he's desperately trying to reconcile what he "knows" to be true, what you are proving, and what his own conscience is trying to say. This brilliant turmoil actually had me looking forward to the time when he would next send out the Shadow Triad to invite me to another little discussion.
That's the weird thing though, you'd expect with a storyline where N befriends you in such a way, that... you'd at least be able to input something, while no, he changes as a person because you never talk. I'd say that was kinda a letdown tbh.

Originally Posted by Glaceon_ View Post
As a villain, he... doesn't really sit very high, either. Frankly, he's simply a misguided boy who was brought up by Ghetsis to believe that all Pokemon caught by people were mistreated and beaten, all in a plot that would give Ghetsis the chance to declare himself the master of Pokemon-- as no one else would have Pokemon of their own. In the end, N was used by his own father and Team Plasma to gain the kind of influence they wanted over people to force them to part ways with their, in some cases, long-loved Pokemon. Not for the ideals that N followed, but for the plan that Ghetsis had obviously spent years preparing, raising his son so that he would one day liberate Pokemon from their Trainers so that he could be the master of them all.
I never really considered him a villian when playing through, since he never actually does anything evil. Though without knowledge of the games back in September I thought he was a villian...XD; Infact, his plot was kinda confusing at first more so than evil.
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