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I don't like Nazomi, I mean now she finally decides to let them protect her, after how many times has she been nearly captured?!

The fights this arc are nice, loved the Matsumoto and Rukia battles. The Yamamoto fight makes me happy as well, Kenpachi's fight, I expected to be more destructive. :\ The fight was still nice, regardless, making him fight using Kendo and having a heart warming moment right after the fight.


Did Ichigo get slashed in the eyes? >.> This Fullbringer arc has its ups and downs with me, I loved the Rinka and Orihime interaction, but fine Ginjro (Whatever his name is) well...annoying. The other character I could live with is the evil murderous bishie that wants to injure and kidnap main characters.

Orihime and Chad better have awesome fight scenes from now on and shouldn't lose to anyone other than the big bad, for the rest of this arc, along with uyru, Kubo owns them screen time.

Did I miss anything?