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Quote originally posted by TheDarkShark:
@slawter666: driver implemented a battle BG hack in BPRD (Firered German) which loads different bgs depending on a variable. Shouldn't be hard to port, but I'm not sure if he actually released the info. I'm not an ASM expert, but an animated background could go with the extended BG-loading routine easily, I guess. Same goes for different BGs for daytimes/seasons. A 256 bg should be possible somehow, but it is possible, that there are some background colors used in the standard battle screen. If this is true, it would be very hard to make 256 colors load properly (actually impossible without loading the other bg-palletes into the OBJ-palette...).

Thanks for the reply.

Could a (roughly) 256 colour background could be done using a similar method to Black Charizard's 256/240 colour Titlescreen? However he removed how he did it (although it might still be in some quotes, I haven't checked).

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