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Originally Posted by Alexial357 View Post
No Rock Polish? Really? I was thinking that it would be good for when I'm using Psycho Cut, but hey, you guys know best. I guess since Conkledurr is so slow I don't need to be much faster.

Haha, I'm sorry, that was supposed to be a joke. I guess I just forgot that I'm too new for everyone to get my sense of humor.

Not that you guys don't *get* me. :P

Yeah, Conkeldurr will get you with Mach Punch and/or restore the health lost from Psycho Cut with Drain Punch anyway. You can't beat Conkeldurr with Bisharp at all, really - the 4x weakness is too much to overcome easily.

Originally Posted by Alexial357 View Post
I ended up using Fire Punch on my Scrafty instead of Ice Punch. I feel like I should post of the details of all my Dark Pokemon so you guys can critic them but that would be ridiculous.. and probably a little embarrassing..

Jeez this is like my 3rd day as a member of the PC and everyone has just been so great to me. I feel like I've learned so much and really challenged myself. Pokemon got so tired and boring after all my friends refused to battle me anymore, so knowing that I still have a long way to go is really rewarding in a strange way. ;)

Thanks again!
Ice Punch is there for Gliscor, basically, since Gliscor otherwise flat-out walls Scrafty. Fire Punch doesn't hit anything in particular because Steels are already covered by your Fighting-type STAB. That's why Ice Punch is preferred, anyway! And no problem. ;)