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Intersex covers a lot of things, usually people who have anatomy that isn't clearly male or female. It can also be something like a person with male chromosomes who develops outwardly as female. (I've actually met someone like this.) And it can also be used by people who don't want to be identified as either female or male.

Have you ever been "gay bashed" or know anybody that has? What tips would you give to others to avoid that or to defend yourself.

Yeah, I have. On top of occasional slurs and things I had rocks thrown at me and the other people I was with by a bunch of hicks at my high school's homecoming while we were on our GSA float. That part was actually not so bad, but tt got kind of dangerous after when I didn't have that (somewhat) safe distance and was on my own. I got confronted, threatened and so I ran away as fast as I could. Lucky for me a teacher noticed and followed me before I could do anything stupid.

I really don't know how to avoid it. To some degree it's just going to happen. Trying to physically defend yourself isn't a great idea because usually things happen when you're outnumbered. The best thing to do is never be alone anywhere you feel unsafe.

I'm not at all comfortable with the idea of using weapons because that could escalate things to a very dangerous place very quickly and I'd rather be beaten up than killed. Like I said already, there are usually more of them than there are of you so even a gun wouldn't necessarily keep you safe. You can't always rely on bystanders to intervene either. Sometimes they will, but most people don't want to get involved.