Thread: [Let's Play] Pokémon Quartz "Let's Play" 2.0
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Woo! Go Steven! Almost out of this mad, Spanglish land!

That victory poster is just epic, though. mew_nani, I applaud you.

With all this victory and awesomeness going on though, I have just one question. If the elite four is a multi-storey building and Marthas room is full of lava, the building must have some kind of volcanic vent running through it supplying lava to only that one room. However, the room just a single storey below it is filled with ice which apparently is suspended over a large pit (according to the crazy bird-man who probably shouldn't be trusted).This means that the volcanic chambers theory is impossible as it would mean countless challengers would fall to their deaths in that room, and Steven did not do so. Unless the people who built this room hired lava carrying slave workers to take lava in some kind of unmeltable bucket up several flights of stairs. So, instead of breaking the laws of physics and melting the hands of many laborers, why not just build Martha's room on the first floor? Why does it have to be the fourth?

tl;dr: Corna is stupid and makes no sense. Again.