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Ok, Ok, everyone! SIA (SongInserter Advance) takes ".o" files. These files are the result of putting a midi file in the "mid" folder and using elf (from the mid2gba kit). Im gonna put a tutorial in the download with the exe anyway.

Inserting a song using this app will be just as easy as inserting a song with Sappy (minus the bugs). Oh, and btw, this program isn't supposed to play Pokemon songs. It only does what Sappy tries and fails to do: Inserting a song (due to a lot of crashes and bugs), and exporting midi files (only sappy 2006 can do that, and sappy 2006 only works on XP).

Even though alot of you see this program has many faults, its only its beginning stages. Don't judge a book by its cover, as they say.

Thanks, GSH

EDIT: Preview release 05/06/2011 released. Links Updated!
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