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Originally Posted by bcrobert View Post
Okay, I'm pretty sure I found the problem. A-Ptch implements most of my changes but it seems as though it can't perform the most important one. It doesn't expand the ROM to 32 MB, probably just deleting all of the data that's been moved beyond the 16MB mark. So does anyone know a patching system that WILL resize the ROM if needed?

Otherwise I'll have to use a ROM that's already been expanded as the rombase and add instructions for how to do that part yourselves, and I'm hoping that won't be necessary. It forces too much onto the testers. I will try Lunar IPS when I get a chance.
A-Ptch does not re-size to 32mb but you can get people to do this instead:

Open the clean rom in XSE, go tools, then 'Rom re-sizer'.
Expand the rom to 32mb and then use A-Ptch to apply the patch.
It should work just fine then.

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