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Quote originally posted by naruck23:
Looks cool, you need workers, because i want to help someone making a successful hack.
Thanks. I don't use a team because 1.) it slows me down, 2.) I'm capable of doing almost anything associated with hacking on my own. I also prefer to have complete creative control over my project.
Quote originally posted by ChillinInYoCloset:
Congrats on HotM. Your hack is definitely one of the best on Progressing Hacks.
Thanks. Such a huge compliment.
Quote originally posted by zein:
Really nice hack, love how you map and the sprites dude, its a really good one, try to finish him. Also you forgot me on the credits =/ that's not nice.
Thanks. Also fixed. I really didn't even know. Minor misunderstanding.

To Do:
Currently In Progress; Done
  • Edit movesets [First 150 Pokemon are done]
  • Insert Trainer Sprites
  • Restore OW's
  • Restore World Map
  • Insert remaining ASM Routines
  • Restore Maps
  • Rescript up to Emerald Town

*When every thing on this list is done I will release a proper beta*
The return of Pokemon Shattered Dreams! Click the screenshot to visit the thread, you know you want to.