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Sarcastic Prince, just quit it.
You are a translator. Your job is to translate this hack into English. This has gone on ridiculously long- I'm going to ask a simple question. Has WesleyFG given you permission to edit more than the text in this ROM, yes or no?
I'm unaware if you've given proof that he has, but if he has then I'm now asking you to prove it, right now.
From what I see, you're trying to take over his hack. Pokemon Light Platinum is WesleyFG's hack, and your translation is simply that- a translation. Your job is to translate it. It's not your place to tell people to avoid the original version, and you should not be stating that it is 'too imperfect' and so on. The fact that it's in another language also doesn't give you cause to tell people to avoid it.
So to make sure you understand what I'm saying, I'll sum it up here-
1. Stop telling people to avoid the un-translated Light Platinum.
2. Post proof, now, that WesleyFG has given you permission to edit the ROM extensively. I want to see a screenshot (Ctrl + Print Screen, then paste in Paint) of the conversation you had where he gave you permission. This isn't a negotiation.

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