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Quote originally posted by ~Frozen Darkness~:
I can try, but I don't have enough rare candies, so I need to use the E4. It won't affect the EV's though.
let me know when your done "
Quote originally posted by Katja:
Do you still have any shiny eevees? I would love a male and female one.
Also, I'm interested in that shiny zorua.

Right now I have to trade: gamestop shiny suicune and raiku, shiny victini, japanese event zoroark, event celebi, some shiny starters (like piplup, bulbasaur...) and also a lvl 100 shiny volcarona and a regular level 100 jolteon, not hacked!

can you tell I really want them lol i have some more you might like as well
Yup , use my US white fc and I need to transfer them first

Do you have anything else that you can offer for shiny zorua? Also victini can't be shiny yet
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