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Originally Posted by Ginji View Post
let me know when your done "

Yup , use my US white fc and I need to transfer them first

Do you have anything else that you can offer for shiny zorua? Also victini can't be shiny yet
Well, I do have a shiny one lol. What did you want for the eevees?

For Zorua...I guess I'll list a bunch of pokemon I have.

Absol, zangoose, golduck, riolu, buneary, DW chikorita, lvl 100 timid genesect, got a few growlithes, shiny timid meowth with technician, shiny reuniclus, DW skitty, lvl 100 blissey, shiny ducklett, shiny lvl 100 cobalion, lvl 100 modest gengar AND DW shint torchic.

any of those? @_@

EDIT: also got lvl 100 regigigas and DW shiny blastoise :x

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