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Originally Posted by Kiyoshi the Polar Bear View Post

I'm not quite sure I know exactly what you mean.
Not that I didn't grasp what you said, I'm just not sure of the concept.
I don't see how being "gay," rather than homosexual or heterosexual, allows one to feel more comfortable with expressing their love for someone else in any type relationship (familial, romantic, etc.)
Well, I was sort of expanding on your concept that the term 'gay' is a hindrance to masculinity (therefore being stereotypically feminine), and that you don't see yourself as 'gay'. Displays of affection are typically seen as feminine (in my experience, anyway) so many men aren't comfortable partaking. That's what I mean by 'letting some of the "gay" in'

However, if it is a problem because he thinks saying "I love you" is emasculating, he's a moron who thinks every little thing threatens his masculinity and you should dump him anyway, simply put.
I quite agree, but still lol

Also, Nurse Barbra and I both hit on you and you don't acknowledge it? Are we not pretty enough?

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