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X8D, you get, depending on whether or not you can hack:

Kanto: Growlithe (If you can hack) OR Machop (If you can't)
Johto: Misdreavus (If you can) OR Caterpie (If you can't)
Hoenn: Solrock (If you can) OR Poochyena (If you can't)
Sinnoh: Tangela (If you can) OR Gastly (If you can't)
Unova: Tynamo (If you can) OR Woobat (If you can't)

If you can hack, use the left, if you can't, use the right. Don't just pick favourites, or else.....

Current challenges:

Firered- Soulsilver - Emerald- Platinum - Black 0/8

Red 7/8 - Crystal - Emerald - Platinum - Black

Platinum Elimination challenge: lv21 lv16

Challenges on hold:

Completed challenges:
None D=
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