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Oh, why that would simply be Reuniclus in standard game. It has great bulk and is very slow, enough to outpace many slower defensive Pokemon like Blissey and even Forretress. Not to mention its high base special attack and its ability Magic Guard which shields it from all passive damage (Sandstorm, Life Orb, etc.) Unlike other strong, slower Pokemon, Reuniclus can set Trick Room itself and not be a liability on the team.

Reuniclus @ Life Orb
252HP / 252SpA / 4Def
Quiet nature
0 Spd IVs
- Trick Room
- Psychic / Psyshock
- Shadow Ball
- Focus Blast

The first slash is recommended for a STAB move, but Psyshock allows it to beat Blissey. You can even try and squeeze Recover in there, but it also loses a coverage move.