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Well, I'm trying to breed an Elekid with HP Ice in HeartGold, and have two parents with the following IVs:

Male: 26/26/15/7/31/30
Female: 26/26/26/8/31/31

The above IVs are listed in this order: HP/Atk/Def/SpAtk/SpDef/Spe

Now, I'm trying to get a HP Ice with max(or close to max) IVs, which is 31/31/31/31/31/30

I have a Power Anklet on the Male and a Power Band on the female, to pass down the Speed and SpDef IVs respectively.

Both the 31 SpDef from the female and 30 Spe IVs from the male should be inherited by the offspring since I have the right Power Items equipped. However, both IVs are not passed down every single time. Sometimes I end up with a Speed IV of a random number or a random SpDef IV. What is going on here?

I do use the EV/IV check AR code to confirm my IVs, but I'm positive that's not the issue as that's the ONLY code I've ever used and it's never caused issues before.

Does the IV HAVE to be 31 in order to be passed down by the Power Item? Or is it something else?

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