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I think you can ask for new ones without using your redraw in your situation, as you cant possibly get them early enough (especially Sneasel and Pawniard).
+ Eevee cant evolve to Umbreon in FR/LG at all, so its not an option in those games :I

Im going to sign up for this. My Leaf Green is who knows where, and Soul Silver and White are occupied by my brother and me respectively, so ill start on Diamond once i get my Pokemon

Name: Jespoke
In Game: Solo/Solo Guy
Games: Leaf Green, Soul Silver, Emerald (emulator), Diamond, White
Monotype: No

No bug types thank you (I've used them all in my recent Bug Monotype)
I can only hack for Emerald and Diamond
In Leaf Green, if you really want to give me my Pokemon before Mt Moon's exit: Give me Pikachu, because I've used the rest a million times before :I
Ultimate Monotype Challenge:
Bug: X - 2/8

On hold: Ultimate Monotype Challenge: Water: White 2 - 2/8

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