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This is nice and all, but I feel you're going backwards in terms of your graphics style. Ever since you made the tag of Kyoya, which is probably your best work so far, it seems like you've been losing your edge. This tag does seem a lot like your older works, like this, in particular, and also this one. I know you're on a graphics block, which is normal in every gfxer's time, but that's just how I feel. Your sharpening is always as good as usual, and the filler text style is different, but I like it. Your focal's positioning is something I don't really like all that much. I would've shifted it a bit to the left, so it's more in line with that "rule-of-thirds" thing which is ever so important. I also feel like the focal doesn't stand out as much as you usually would make it to be, which disappoints me. I wouldn't say it's your best work.

If you're on a graphics block, why not stop making graphics based on anime, and go for fanart, real-life render, or even go as far as using stocks as the focal point of your graphics. Also try out some more Large Pieces. Breaking away from the norm is something which can always get someone out of a graphics slump. Try some new techniques, like using a sprite as a focal, or something else.
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