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Quote originally posted by Anbuja's_BlooDY:
I remember the old thread and that time i thought its one of the best
this time it looks graphically better and everything...but onw thing bothered me really...
in the story is written in gray's diary that he want to find that pokemon who killed his father..means this that his father was one of the scientists??? if yes the hero cant be the son of one of the scientist os he is 15 mewtwo was created 16 years ago emans one year after mewtwo atacked the scientist...
or did the father of the hero died later from an other atak of mewtwo...
anywasy i hope you luck
Yeah, that was a mistake, thanks for pointing that out to me.

Quote originally posted by Spherical Ice:
None of the above - pick a theme, like Nintendo have colours for towns and cities, try doing something like that for the route. Or even make them relevant to the towns/cities/areas they connect to (i.e the route next to Happy City is called Happy Route. and wow that sounds like a drug term). But that's a pretty minor part so I wouldn't dwell on it much.
I think I'm going to go with giving the routes proper names.

Quote originally posted by TepigBoss:
looks good cant wait to play it when it comes out ill be checkin back every so often GL

Quote originally posted by Angeldelivery:
You must be really good with pallets and that stuff since you managed to get kyledove tiles which uses more then 16 colors to your hack! And pretty amazing mapping there. I hope to see more!
Thanks, they were a pain to insert. xD

Here's an update at last:

I was going to upload this sooner but I accidentally deleted the file so major thanks goes to DrFuji for re-scripting it for me, and a few edits here and there were made by me.
Tiles, overworlds, music and the ugly Mew script are going to be changed eventually.

Because it should've won HotY.
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