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Quote originally posted by FreakyLocz14:
One of the final votes that the Associated Students Senate Democrats having been pushing at my university before they slip even further into the minority (current: Senate: 13 R, 12 D; House: 52 D, 49 R; Democrats will lose 2 House seats on July 1) was a bill that passed the House and was voted on by the Senate. At the Republican Caucus meeting, I tried to solicit some GOP Senators to break with the party on a bill that would allow trans students to change their sex on school documents without having had gone through a sex change operation. There were 2 Democrats (the one for black students and the one for Muslim students) that were opposing the bill. That meant that I needed to sway at least one of my party members.

Final Vote:
14 Yeas, 11 Nays
Yeas: 10/12 Democrats, 4/13 Republicans
Nays: 2/12 Democrats, 9/13 Republicans

April House Vote:
56 Yeas, 45 Nays
Yeas: 44/52 Democrats, 12/49 Republicans
Nays: 8/52 Democrats, 37/49 Republicans

The AS President signed the bill the within an hour of the vote.

Trans students must still use the restrooms that correspond to their birth sexes. A bill that pass a year ago when the Democrats controlled all of the AS was vetoed by the President. The same bill passed the House 51-50, but died in the Senate.

Freaky, as much as I have a lot of differences with you I'm really grateful for the things you do. Especially things like this. It made me smile.

But it also reminds me how lucky I was that my college was so open about a lot of things. It had a GLTBQetc. center and everything. Sometimes it doesn't really hit home how even after high school there are a lot of problems even where people ought to feel accepted like in school.