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Originally Posted by Atomic Reactor View Post
Yeah, as much as I love alistairs tiles, i do really wanna find new water haha.
Thanks for the comments guys, i really appreciate any comments and crit i can get haha. (which is very little XD)
Well I'm usually up for crit being honest, but I'll drop in with some recommendations, but you don't have to take my advice here.


For this screen I would recommend changing a few things. The cobble stones under the benches look a little out the style of the game, I like the idea, however I think that the tile choice could have been better, though I'm aware that it can be hard to find the right tiles for things like this. Also I think those barrels could be edited a bit to actually meet the style too. If you look at them, they are sprited a little differently to most of your other tiles and could probably do with some re-shading. Also on the little park area, I'm not a fan of the flowers. They just look like edited FRLG ones, but not fantastic edits. I recommend getting some new ones there.


By large your mapping is pretty good, though I'm concerned about playability, and I was in the demo also. In the bottom left screen, as you north east, there's verrrrry little space to walk in, I think that the player will start bumping into things everywhere, which can get quite aggravating. So you could possibly just remove some of the rocks around that area.

But watch out for your tile choices in a lot of places, they tend to look a little flat, especially water. And as far as I remember Alistair didn't animate his. I have some autotiles which I used to use for my game which very well might fit the style of your game, if you wish to use them, just send me a VM, they're animated and do look quite well and I think they should suit it a bit more. But if you're sticking with something else that's no bother.


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