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Name: Dr. Jonas Applewood

Nickname: His students are to refer him as Dr.Applewood

Age: 52

Gender: Male

Dorm Allegiance: Suicune Dorm

Job: Dr. Applewood mainly teaches Pokemon Mythology, but also teaches a class about Items and their uses.

Appearance: Since a picture is worth a thousand words

Dr. Applewood is cold,stern and emotionless. Most see Dr.Applewood as a lifeless person. Dr. Applewood cares deeply
about his studies. Although many may not know it, Dr.Applewood wishes the best for his students. Dr.Applewood is
quick to judge and is very quiet around large groups of people. His students all say he is heartless and evil. In other
words, he is your average teacher.

Dr. Jonas Applewood was born in Cerulean City,Kanto. From an early age, Jonas took an interest in Pokemon Mythology. Jonas would research whatever he could on the subject and quite the knowledge on the subject. Jonas would go through school earning fantastic marks during the process. After graduating from Cerulean City High School, Jonas was accepted into Mossdeep University in Hoenn. During Jonas' time in Hoenn, he studied the legends of Hoenn and the so called " Legendary Pokemon" associated with them. Jonas spent seven years at Mossdeep University, earning a Doctorate in Archeology. After University, Jonas was hired at the Pewter City Museum. Jonas was a archeologist for the Museum, collecting multiple pieces of important data on "Legendary Pokemon". Jonas was Professor Oak's personal guide when it comes to Pokemon Legends. When Oak opened up the Academy, Professor Oak called on Dr.Applewood to teach.

Pokémon (Up to 4 Maximum No Legendaries or Shinies):

Species: Umbreon
Personality: Umbreon is very shy and quiet, but very loyal.
Lvl: 45
Bite-Double Team
Dark Pulse-Faint Attack
Quick Attack-Water Pulse

Species: Blastoise
Personality: Blastoise is very headstrong. Blastoise is always ready for a Challenge to prove itself.
Lvl: 49
Bite-Ice Beam
Aqua Tail-Flash Cannon

Species: Yanmega
Personality: The best way to describe Yanmega would be silent but deadly.
Lvl: 47
Bug Bite-Ancient Power
Detect-Sunny Day
Solarbeam-Shadow Ball.

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