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Hack name: Classic Red (no plans on making that the real title)

Hack of: Fire Red

Additional information about the hack: Editing Fire Red to look/sound like the old Red version so it can eventually be a giant patch or something. Mainly because I really like the first generation but they're way harder to hack than Fire Red's generation (plus there's a large amount of tools out for Fire Red).

Finished percentage: 0.5%? Just started yesterday, all the graphics for Palette Town and Route 1 except for two bits are mapped. Red/Ash and a little girl's overworlds have been redrawn into the old version style (that's not in my screenshots).

Your hacking skills: This is my first hack, I'm learning as I go.

What help or skill you're looking for: If someone wants to replace music, cries, pokedex information, map, sprites, overworld sprites, figure out how to edit the look of the dialogue boxes, check scripts so that Oak doesn't walk through a house when he yells at you to get out of the grass... anything would be nice. This doesn't require making anything new, only inserting things from RBY into Fire Red and if we need to make the music from RBY into a certain type of sound file, just tell me and I can compose it myself. If you feel like playing RBY and checking them against my edits to make sure everything is correct, that would also be great.

Additional contact information: sequoia(at)
skype: juicypuffin

Additional information:
There's no rush for time and no release date goals. As of now I'm working on this by myself, so any help is nice.


This last image shows the two tiles I need to fix (the legs of the desks), I have to create the tile and then add it into Advance Map.

RBGY: Compilation file with headers, how to edit, et cetera. Please message me with fixes/additions/whathave you. Newest version is 6th March 2011.
Tutorial: Replacing Fire Red tiles with RBY tiles in Advance Map