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Ha, I enjoy that Sand was by far the easiest retained of the three, though played it right it is just as powerful. I think people just got accustom to sand in gen 4, and getting rid of it now would feel too strange to them (plus oh no! My T-Tar!).

Not to say I don't agree with the decision. I've yet to play with a weather team, but I've also yet to have a serious problem with them, I'm a wifi-er though. Gotta play to your match-ups, as usual. People get too caught up in the mindset that seeing weather+pokemon A on a team means they will never be able to beat it, then don't bother thinking of strong direct counters.

As for the pokemon that are up, I don't want to see any banned. Big threats are nice, because they force teams to carry unique counters. If those unique counters become common, the big threat usage should drop. I don't buy the argument that requiring unique counters is the very definition of a pokemon that should be Uber.
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