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I haven't read all of PokeSpe yet, but so far my favorites are...

Dex Holders:

-Green (boy) (My favorite Dex Holder. 'Nuff said.)
-Blue (girl) She's the perfect good-hearted protagonist-meets-devious trickster. Plus without her, Green would have nobody. And that would be sad.

Non-Dex Holders:

-Bill, because he makes me LOL a lot. His accent is a win.
-Lance, because he's just a beast in general and so are his Pokemon. And even though he's evil, he's got the Viridian Forest's healing power, so I could totally see him turning over a new leaf (although I know that won't happen in the manga, Nice thought, though...)

...And that's all for now. I'm only on the G/S/C arc, so once I get farther, I'll probably update this. Gold is showing some potential.
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