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I guess this is the best place to do this. I'm going to attempt to start back up Alpha Fan now that I'm back to PC. Anyone interested? I think the best idea is to have like 4-6 people working on it, and keeping in communication via skype or AIM or something. Its too much of a bother to PM all 5 people every time one person finds something out. Plus, with AIM or skype, we can have set times where we all meet up and talk about stuff. Sooooo, anyone interested?
People still use AIM? :[ It's gonna be hard to snatch people use for AIM when hardly anyone seems to use it now. You outta consider getting an MSN.

a lv. 100 challenge? You have to get all 659 to lv. 100? Seems hard but yet fun. or a "catch all 659" challenge? Seems like Syd and Myrrh are the experts here... so what do you two think about those ideas?

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659? THERE ARE NEW POKEMON ALREADY?! lmao But yeah, like Alt said, that could be more of a personal challenge. The thing with huge challenges like that is just, the updating would be difficult to contain in a thread. Suits more for your PC blog, or Tumblr.

I don't wanna keep on hackin btw...

And all this summer talk lol. I wish I was having a summer. I have speech this month, math next, band camp in August, then starting fall semester with 14 hours. Like...Lord save me. I don't know how I can fit a job in there, but I need one desperately. Y'all hiring?

Oh. Also. I've hatched over 1000 Petilil and still no shiny. However, I have saved all the Modest and Timid Petilil with Own Tempo. If anyone would like one, I'd be happy to trade'em. That's why I saved them, lol.

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