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Quote originally posted by Renii:
I was wondering something.

How do you deal with crushes on straight people?
After that one big crush on a hetereosexual guy that sent me into the gutter a for a period of time, I don't develop crushes anymore.

I feel attraction, but unless I know everything can work out, I don't emotionally attached.

But hey, whatever! More friends for me if they turn out to be into girls.

Quote originally posted by Mew~:
I'm pretty much asexual, so I guess I'll join.

I've had crushes on about 50+ people, though never felt anything sexual. I pretty much a real oddball in my school. Though many people classify me as gay because they think being asexual doesn't make sense. But yeah, it's nothing serious or nothing. There are some pretty amazing people in this thread too, with some great stories.

/I give free hugs btw. I'm a hugable person. Even for me reason. I enjoy teletubbie hugs the best. You all should try one.. [/pffttt...]
Crushes on people?
What's it like for an asexual to have a crush?

Sorry, but, honestly, I'm unsure of how asexuality functions as a whole- I haven't had that much experience with it.
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