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Results timeeeeee

Quote originally posted by Reach:
This vote seals the fate of Thundurus, and thus every Suspect has been resolved.

The final vote for Garchomp is 55-17 Ban; this exceeds the 2/3+1 supermajority, and thus Garchomp will henceforth be banned from OU play.

The final vote for Thundurus is 46-26 Ban; this is short of the 2/3+1 supermajority, so Thundurus will automatically be a Suspect next period, and could be banned with another simple majority vote.

The final vote for Latios is 27-45 Do Not Ban; Latios is thus completely OU.

The final vote for Deoxys-e is 23-51 Do Not Ban; Deoxys-e is thus completely OU.

The final vote for Excadrill is 17-57 Do Not Ban; Excadrill is thus completely OU.

This concludes round four of the OU Suspect process!

Discuss ? =OOO

bye chompy )))))))):
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