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@Sydian I have a MSN but its not available to be used for this, AIM or ICQ etc. are easier for this, skype would be useful, but same story as my MSN
But I was talking to It's not a necessity. Depends on who all wants to participate and then you could relay that to whatever you wanna use (AIM, Skype, etc). I personally won't be trying to do Alpha Fan, because my play style goes against...every aspect of trying to beat the game that quick, tbh.

If your Skype and MSN don't work though, you're missing out on a world of experiences. lol Most people use one or both, myself included. It's kind of like how everyone moved on to Facebook. It's like you're still using the MySpace of instant messaging. Might as well uninstall your MSN and Skype and then reinstall them tbh.

doesn't matter, cause you give me temptation
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