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Originally Posted by Twilight Sky View Post

And I have a question: Why are you so against having Gothitelle learning Focus Blast? Not even that, slap CM on it and have spam HP Fighting. I will just about guarantee you that it will always do more damage that anything close combat or any physical fighting move that you could ever give it.
Focus Blast has like 50% accuracy so it almost always misses. So that'd be a waste of space on my movepool. I dislike moves that have below 95% accuracy. My Brick Break that I slapped on her has 100% accuracy so I am able to OHKO dark types.

I do have HP Fighting and Calm Mind. And it works great and fine and dandy. But then I look at Renuclus and it can get away with EVERYTHING. I want to get away with something, my Pokemon's not perfect like that but she can get the job done. That's why I replaced CM with Rock Slide.

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