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I'd enjoy to join....since Team Magma has many things I actually like about them unlike other groups-no offense intended-and would like to join.

Username: Otherworld9)
Team: Team Magma!
Partner: Poochyena....I really have no choice here anyway, four pokemon and I like one.
Do I have anything else? Let me think......Well, I love Team Magma's outfit very well, since I'm one of those people that don't like showing off much, and I like the dark themes they have. I hope to stay loyal to Team Magma, as my color is black and blue, but not white nor red....but black is my favorite, so I have to admit Magma wins my favor too much.

Now that I'm here.....I'll stick with being a grunt for now...maybe after knowing the club a little more I can become BOSS!!!! HAHAHAHA! But yes, it will take me some time to make the sign up sheet to be boss or admins.

By the way(sorry for the long post), but the only pokemon available to choose from are hoenn based, and are these four, right? I was just thinking, since we can add more fire-based or Magma-based...but it makes sense since these are the only ones they use.