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Quote originally posted by Gothitelle.:

I mean that Gothitelle is not really accepted in general. Alot of people hate her in fact 1 out of 10 fans will like her. I know it's an opinion thing but can you see where Im coming from and why I would want to make her this god mod Pokemon?
Again, this goes to what me and Vrai was trying to get at. You cannot make one pokemon do everything. You cannot make Gothitelle a psuedo-legendary that crit flinch haxes everything, you cannot make Gothitelle outrun pretty much anything, you cannot make Gothitelle OHKO anything with it's offenses as it is. That's what me and Vrai was trying to get at. I understand that you want to make it more "acceptable" but there are some people that just see it as just having the role of being a special wall, because that's really what it is in the end. Could it be offensive? Of course. Like I said, slap CM on it and you've got yourself quite the beast. Other than that, you can't really force it to do anything that it's really unable to do in the first place.

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