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Skye sat quietly at one side of the boat, looking anxiously down at his fingernails. He wasn't really nervous about being here. Cameron had said this place was okay so he believed it was. He was more nervous about being with others. That little informal class had been bad enough. Would he be hit here or simply jeered at when they heard him talk? It was a worrisome concept and one that affect his life here.

His Eevee, kind Ellie, guessed his thoughts and rubbed her head warmly against his left arm. Rama, the placid Zorua he was, kept right on snoozing in his lap. The Pokemon was sleeping on top of his red jacket, his way of knowing his dorm. Normally being in the middle wouldn't bother him but Skye felt his face flush in embarrassment now. He would need to adapt to this, definitely. Next time, he wouldn't lose because of his speech. Ellie peered up at him with anxious coal-black eyes.

"I-I'm o-kay Ell-ie," Skye whispered to his Pokemon and Ellie let out a soft yip. The twelve-year-old looked around, seeing the varying people, one a tall, quiet-looking boy. The other that stood out at first glance was a slightly annoyed looking girl with a Frosslass. He blinked at the loud sound of the intercom going off and gently stroked the Dark-type's head to wake it up. As Rema yawned and walked off, the voice reported that they were docked. Skye slowly stood and stretched.

As he lagged behind the others, he felt that familiar thirst for knowledge filling his mind. He didn't know exactly what he wanted to know, he just knew he wanted to. As he followed the others down, he took his red jacket. Most of them looked strong, champions and Gym Leaders alike. He even recognized Drayden and Cynthia vaguely. Skye instantly could feel it: he was in for a wild ride.
"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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