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Personally, I despise Gothitelle due to its design, but that's my opinion.
What ISN'T my opinion is that Gothitelle has absolutely awful physical attack, so Close Combat, although powerful, wouldn't do much of anything on anything other than Chansey or something. Gothitelle just isn't built for physical attacks at all, so it's a pretty pointless move to give it, that's why she doesn't get it.
EDIT: Also, I highly doubt that the "1 out of 10 actually like Gothitelle" is a real statistic. I do believe she is a rather unliked Pokemon, but I doubt that giving it a move it wouldn't be able to use at all would change that.

You're birds can use it well because they have half decent attack stats, while Gothitelle has a dismal physical attack of 55. Not so good, compared to the birds. I'm sure future generations will throw in usable special fighting moves, but now we just have 70% accuracy Focus Blast.
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